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Themed, 17th-century garden with a hedge labyrinth, ornate fountains, statues & old Boxwood trees.
Via Diana, 2, 35030 Valsanzibio PD, Italy
+39 340 082 5844

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Description de l’événement WTD

This was described as the Villa Donna Dalle Rose in Sir Geoffrey Jellicoe's Italian Gardens. He advised visitors to 'Consider an amphitheater of hills, the ends linked by a great avenue flung across the valley, and this valley an arrangement of lesser avenues furnished with all the delights of an Italian garden, box hedges, lemon trees, sculpture, pools and fountains, and you have an impression of the gardens at Valsanzibio'. The building was designed by Bernine for Zuane Francesco Barbarigo. The baroque gardens have seventy statues, cascades, fountains and water features.
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